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Falling Behind

I have fallen behind with my SOOC 52 Week Challenge already. I suppose it was bound to happen with other blog writings, work and extra work on our house that my wife and I are building.

I worked this whole past weekend outside, cleaning up the construction site, picking up good wood scraps that would otherwise be thrown away and even raking pine straw to be used soon in our new flower beds.

All of this was while some of the trees started dropping pollen, of which I am very allergic. I struggled through it for a couple of days, but ended up having to take a sick day off of work yesterday, due to my feeling so bad. I just didn’t have the strength or time this past week to get my “Water” photo taken and posted. I plan on trying to double up this week so that I can get caught up.

Thanks for your patience and I hope that you continue to read along.

Until next time…

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