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Week 7



2014.02.25 SOOC and Family Edit 9

ISO 100 | 185mm | f/32 | 12.0 sec | Canon EOS 5D Mark II

This post was supposed to be up by this past Sunday, but I am a couple of days behind. I’m glad I found time to make it happen tonight though. I have had a lot going on recently, on top of not feeling well the past couple of days.

Be sure to go to the bottom of this post and check out the rest of the guys’ photos. They are excellent, as usual, and you’ll really be missing out if you don’t give them a look.

This ice cube is morphing. Morphing into a different state of matter. It is changing its actual molecular make-up, in order to navigate. It wants to seek out a different place. If it had never melted into the liquid form of water, it would have never seen that other part of the tile floor. It might not have ever experienced a different view of its life.

It made me think about us. Well, I thought of myself, in particular. Do I morph to navigate through life? Obviously I cannot actually change my state of matter, but do I symbolically change in order to navigate through this life? Do I stay rigid, in my current state, or do I make the necessary changes to my persona and outlook. Do I adapt in order to not only survive, but thrive?

I like to think that I do, but I’m sure there is more that I could be doing. Do you morph in order to navigate your life? If not, it might be a good idea. What are some things you can do to morph?

All of the participants in this challenge are as follows: [in no particular order]

Until next time…

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Falling Behind

I have fallen behind with my SOOC 52 Week Challenge already. I suppose it was bound to happen with other blog writings, work and extra work on our house that my wife and I are building.

I worked this whole past weekend outside, cleaning up the construction site, picking up good wood scraps that would otherwise be thrown away and even raking pine straw to be used soon in our new flower beds.

All of this was while some of the trees started dropping pollen, of which I am very allergic. I struggled through it for a couple of days, but ended up having to take a sick day off of work yesterday, due to my feeling so bad. I just didn’t have the strength or time this past week to get my “Water” photo taken and posted. I plan on trying to double up this week so that I can get caught up.

Thanks for your patience and I hope that you continue to read along.

Until next time…

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Week 3


“Water Bed”

2014.01.25 SOOC52 Edit 10

Boy, this week’s theme has had me stumped for a while. The ironic thing is that I PICKED the theme! The theme is “lighting” and I left it wide open to interpretation, because I wanted to see how different everyone’s ideas were on this.

I picked this subject, because it is not my forte. I wanted to push myself by trying to use non-natural light. I shoot mostly with natural light, so this was a little out of the normal scope of photography.

I tried quite a few things before coming up with this shot. I didn’t want to use my speedlite (flash that sits on the camera’s hot shoe), because that seemed too easy. Well, there were hours of trying to get shots to come out right with extended exposures and flashlights that proved my previous sentence correct.

So, I’m sure you were wondering why I titled this post “Water Bed,” right? Do you remember when those were all the rage? I do. I wanted one some kind of bad. It seemed that all of my friends had one when I was growing up, but my dad was against the idea. No, we don’t sleep on a waterbed now, but it did make it look like the bed was the ocean…which was precisely my goal.

Just like the in the movie, “Finding Nemo,” this fish is all alone. He gets lost and has to befriend people along his journey of trying to reunite with his dad. So many times, in life, I think we feel the same. We are all alone, feeling like there is nobody out there to help us along our journey. But are we asking people for help? Are you befriending people along your journey? Sometimes, it is as simple as that…asking.

That actually happened to me recently, I felt isolated on this post. I felt like all of the other guys were posting great shots and I could not get a single photo to come out like I wanted. That’s when Eje actually reached out to me, as well as Chris. I hopped on a G+ hangout with Eje, and we just talked about some ideas. It was very encouraging. They didn’t have to do that, to reach out. But it sure seemed to make a difference.

Can you make a difference in someone’s life this week? Or will you ask for help along your journey? Try it…you might be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Be sure to check out the other guys’ “lighting” posts. It will be well worth your time, trust me. Also, do them a solid and interact with them with some comments.

All of the participants are as follows: [in no particular order]

Until next time…

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