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Week 6: Honorable Mentions

Earlier in the week, I posted my interpretation of the “green” theme. This lichen-inspired photo had some nice, warm tones from the golden sun setting in the background.

I wanted to put up a couple of the others I took. These were close in the running as my favorite, but they just didn’t quite make the cut.

I think I like the perspective of the overhead one. Also, it gives such nice background texture to the photo. I think the grayish colors in the background pair nicely with the light, mint green of the lichen. The last photo was of a different kind of lichen or moss. I like the brighter green tones it has, and it has always been one of my favorite shades of green. The background of this last image is a regular cornucopia of colors. The rainbow of colors really invites your eyes to explore the background.

Let me know your thoughts on these images. Do you think I chose correctly, with the one I picked as my main image? Or do you think one of these honorable mentions should have taken its place?

Until next time…

2014.02.15 Green SOOC Edit 6

2014.02.15 Green SOOC Edit 2

All of the participants in this challenge are as follows: [in no particular order]

Be sure to take a look at their images as well. They have some really stunning shots!

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Week 6


“The Reaching

2014.02.15 Green SOOC Edit 7

Last week, our challenge was “night sky.” This week, our challenge set us on green. Not just that it made us ready to go and take a photo, but the actual theme was green. Do you see what I did with the bold letters in the title of this piece? If you’re good at the jumble, it won’t be difficult to decipher. Some of the other photos have been fantastic, as usual. You’ll have to check out the other guys’ work linked at the bottom of this post.

This has been a busy week, and an even busier weekend for me. I’ve not had a chance to get out and take a photograph, which seems to be the norm recently. I saw this stick today and the light green moss upon it and really wanted to capture the strange beauty of it.

Lichens, not unlike this one here, reach for the sunlight. It is their whole existence. It is all they know to do. At times in the winter, I feel the same. I feel like the sun is all I crave. We don’t get the harshest winters by far. We don’t have snow every day, but we do have long, dreary weeks. We will go week at a time without seeing the sun, and when it does come back out, I realize just how much I’ve missed it. Just like this little piece of moss, I realize that I too want to reach for the sun. I want it to warm my bones and kiss my face with light.

I’m looking forward to spring now. Today was a beautiful day in the 60’s and gave me a glimpse of what is right around the corner.

What is your favorite season? (does anyone answer “winter” to do that?)

All of the participants are as follows: [in no particular order]

Until next time…

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Week 2: Honorable Mentions

I only picked one photo to post in the Week 2 article of the 52 Week Challenge, but there were a few others I liked, so I decided to share them in a separate post.

These other photos kind of show some of my thought process, as I was trying to capture a photo that sufficiently portrayed the vision in my head. You see, for this particular post, I actually wrote the post before I took the photo. Sometimes it is the other way around, but this time, it was in that order. I had a mental image while I was writing, and then I just had to kind of create that image in reality afterward.

Let me know your thoughts about these others. Should I have chosen one of them for the main photo? And if so, which one was your favorite?

Until next time…

2014.01.18 SOOC52 Week 2 Edit 1 2014.01.18 SOOC52 Week 2 Edit 2 2014.01.18 SOOC52 Week 2 Edit 4 2014.01.18 SOOC52 Week 2 Edit 6

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Week 2


“If These Feet Could Talk”

2014.01.18 SOOC52 Week 2 Edit 3

Last week, our challenge took us into the kitchen. Ok, it took a few of us into the kitchen to find some utensils. Some had a different interpretation of what utensils to use, but they turned out great. This week, or attention is turned toward footwear, our theme for this week’s challenge. The other guys have already posted their footwear photos for the week, but I’m a little behind. Be sure to catch their blog information at the bottom of this post and give their pages a look and a comment.

First of all, if these shoes could talk, they would say the feet that go in them stink. That’s a given. But if they could talk, they might have more to say they you would think. They might be able to tell about some interesting places they’ve traveled. They might be able to pass on knowledge gained from arguments they’ve been near or groups they’ve learned from. They might be able to tell you vivid details about textures you would never think about normally, like table legs and steps and acorns and the carpet in automobiles. They constantly bump, scuff and scrape against all of these items and more, but we never give them a second thought. We never think about how they react to each texture…how they recoil when put into harsh environments.

But what if we did think about shoes?

What if we thought about our shoes and other people’s shoes? What if we started asking ourselves, “I wonder where those shoes have taken them today? I wonder what these shoes would warn me about in the future? I wonder why the shine stays on these shoes, and not those?”

Wouldn’t we then be much smarter than we are now? Couldn’t we glean even more perspective from, in fact, taking a different perspective? I know, it sounds silly, but if you think about it, why not try to learn from something so ever-present as shoes?

Let me know your thoughts below in the comments and remember, check out these other guys’ photos:

Until next time…

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