Week 8



ISO 6400 | 33mm | f2.8 | Flash fired, compulsory flash mode | Aperture Priority | White Balance: Flash

ISO 6400 | 33mm | f2.8 | Flash fired, compulsory flash mode | Aperture Priority | White Balance: Flash

Look at her. You can’t stop, can you? Ok, now stop. Stop it! She is mine.

The woman pictured is the love of my life, Rebecca. Coming up in June, we will have been married for 8 years and will have known each other for 9.5 years. Just as with any relationship, the beginning was marked with much intrigue. We were kidless for a few years, simply enjoying one another’s company. This was by design. We saw so many people that, after their kids left the house, they didn’t know how to relate to each other. This could obviously still happen, even to us, but our thinking was that we should get to know each other more deeply in the first years, before introducing the stress (and blessing) of children.

Rebecca went with me this past weekend down to the Gulf Coast, about 3 hours from our house. I was hired as the photographer for a Mardi Gras ball in Biloxi. It was put on by the oldest men’s group of its kind. They celebrated their 90th year this year.

As I mentioned before, as my wife and I dated, our love and appreciation for each other strengthened. And I do believe it must be both love and appreciation. Without love, you will not sacrifice for one another. Without appreciation, you will not respect each other and truly long to get to know them more as a person.

You would think, as the years have gone by, that our love and appreciation would wane, not strengthen. Even in my logical mind, I would think this would happen. Not so. I have been blessed to be married to a woman of whom I continue to love. This woman intrigues me with her devotion and dedication to our family and me.

We enjoyed the weekend away. It was a short little getaway, but a very nice reminder.

Due to a very busy week, this post is about a week late. Really, it is only about 2 days past the deadline, but I wanted to put it up anyway. Please be sure to check out the other guys’ photos. Their information is below. Take a look at their blogs, leave some comments and appreciate it for the great art that it is.

All of the participants in this challenge are as follows: [in no particular order]

Until next time…

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9 thoughts on “Week 8

  1. chrislanephoto says:

    Good to hear you guys had fun, it’s always nice to get away. The photo looks good, I’ll be interested to see some of the others from the event if you are allowed to share.
    We had a couple years before we had kids, but they came a little earlier than we had originally planned. But thats ok. Once we started, we wanted them close, and now we will still be fairly young when they are 18 and kicked out! kidding, but not kidding πŸ˜‰

    • ha ha…not kidding!

      Yeah, it was nice. There is always that chance that they will come earlier than you “planned.” It is just a plan. God has a different idea often. πŸ˜‰

    • Oh, and I should be able to show some of the others. It turned out to be a fun, but different event. (I just have to get them all edited. Not done yet.)

  2. ahhhh.. So cute. Great write up and lovely picture. 8 years married and still going strong that is great, a lot of marriages never last more than 3-4 years so I’d say you made it over the “hump” and if love is still going strong it’s made to last. Going on 15 years with my wife and we really never get a break from each other, we work at the same place and have for the last 15 years. As for kids. Love my kids but also in a way can’t wait for them to be 18 and outahere πŸ˜‰ now if we could just be the dump off place for new young kids. Going from “only” 8 years left to poof back to possibility of back to square one.. I start to wonder if we even ever will reach that day when there is no kids in the house.

    • I hear ya on wanting them out of the house at times. I’m sure in another 8-10 years, I will feel the same. ha ha. Congrats on 15 years…that’s fantastic!

  3. hdrtist says:

    Very nice photo Bruce, I really like this one. You do indeed have a lovely wife, and it sounds like you both have truly found the person you were meant to be with. I’m still in love with my wife after 16 years (almost 11 years married) and it truly is a wonderful thing. Great photo and write up for this theme.

  4. Pete Glogiewicz says:

    Sorry for the late comment Bruce, :-/ This is a lovely image very well lit and the DOF works really well to totally isolate her from the background and make her the entire focus of the image. Good write up too. My wife and I also spent a good few years without kids to get to know each other. We are still going strong, although I know there are times she could easily kll me and bury me at the bottom of the garden πŸ˜‰

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