Week 7



2014.02.25 SOOC and Family Edit 9

ISO 100 | 185mm | f/32 | 12.0 sec | Canon EOS 5D Mark II

This post was supposed to be up by this past Sunday, but I am a couple of days behind. I’m glad I found time to make it happen tonight though. I have had a lot going on recently, on top of not feeling well the past couple of days.

Be sure to go to the bottom of this post and check out the rest of the guys’ photos. They are excellent, as usual, and you’ll really be missing out if you don’t give them a look.

This ice cube is morphing. Morphing into a different state of matter. It is changing its actual molecular make-up, in order to navigate. It wants to seek out a different place. If it had never melted into the liquid form of water, it would have never seen that other part of the tile floor. It might not have ever experienced a different view of its life.

It made me think about us. Well, I thought of myself, in particular. Do I morph to navigate through life? Obviously I cannot actually change my state of matter, but do I symbolically change in order to navigate through this life? Do I stay rigid, in my current state, or do I make the necessary changes to my persona and outlook. Do I adapt in order to not only survive, but thrive?

I like to think that I do, but I’m sure there is more that I could be doing. Do you morph in order to navigate your life? If not, it might be a good idea. What are some things you can do to morph?

All of the participants in this challenge are as follows: [in no particular order]

Until next time…

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9 thoughts on “Week 7

  1. chris lane says:

    Nice write up as always Bruce, always taking the philosophical approach. As for the photo, i would have gone closer in. Did you use flash, causing a shadow on the back wall? That is a little distracting. Nice texture on the tile, but it may be me, but the ice seems slightly out of focus or something. Maybe my eyes just can’t focus on it.
    It’s nit-picking, but there appears to be a speck of something further back on the tile. I only mention it because it draws my eye.
    haha, my wife just said it looks like a wad of spit to her. /shrug/

    • A wad of spit? C’mon! I mean, I’m all about “constructive criticism,” but that was nothing of the sort.

      It is perfectly clear in my monitors (and apparently Eje’s too), so I’m not sure what is up there.

      I went as close in as my lens would allow. It was minimum focus distance. Yeah..I noticed the specs after the fact. I was not going to do a whole setup to redo it.

  2. wow that is deep. But it’s true we all change (morph) as we go through life learning things and adapting to what life can throw at us, if nothing else to survive… That flash shadow on the back wall looks like a dirt smudge and distracting. The wall is quite a bit overexposed on the right side. Really not a problem but with it not being blown out on the left side I find it a bit strange feeling.. But I love the texture and clarity you got in the tile and the ice looks fine in focus on my screen here even when I blow it up to max resolution. My eyes was also drawn and noticed the specks that Chris mentions. When using flash and close up like that any little dirt and smudges tend to stick out big time. Just as example when I’m doing product photography I often use cotton glows (depending on surface and size/closeness) to not leave finger prints and smudges and always have a bottle of windex and lint free cloth handy to remove dust and lints of the items. Because once the flash hit on there these things have a tendency to stand out a lot especially when getting close to the subject. Well played and a very strong image even if I picked on it a bit. Curious did you end up using any modifiers on the flash or is this a naked flash?

    Cheers… Well played.. Love the concept you picked and another great write up.

    • Yeah, the specs were dirt on the floor. ha ha. I guess I didn’t realize the floor was that dirty. Whoops!

      I actually liked the shadow on the back wall. Yeah, it was a little overexposed on the right side. I had one on the left side that was not, but I felt like it was too dark.

      This is not even a strobe at all. It is a flashlight painted onto the object at bottom left while using bulb setting.

      • Ahh flash light, ok. Guess should have known you aversion to flash 😉 its a cool image non the less and I like it.

        • I thought about using my speedlight, but I was using my huge 70-200mm lens, and I must have packed the tripod ring. I could barely get it to stay on there as it was, let alone if I added the weight of the speed light. ha ha.

          I also didn’t realize the floor would show that dark. It is nowhere near that dark in real life, so when it turned out that way, I guess that’s why you can see the specs so well.

  3. Pete Glogiewicz says:

    For me, this image rocks. It’s a cool write up too. Painting this with a flashlight (Torch in proper English ;-P ) was a genius idea, it gives a really nice specular highlight on the water. Also, the dust speck and the shadow are a little distracting, but neither are ruining the image so son’t worry about it. Good job dude.

  4. […] wanted to show some of the setup from the Week 7 shoot for “water.” I’m always seeing the other guys using simple things around the […]

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