Week 3


“Water Bed”

2014.01.25 SOOC52 Edit 10

Boy, this week’s theme has had me stumped for a while. The ironic thing is that I PICKED the theme! The theme is “lighting” and I left it wide open to interpretation, because I wanted to see how different everyone’s ideas were on this.

I picked this subject, because it is not my forte. I wanted to push myself by trying to use non-natural light. I shoot mostly with natural light, so this was a little out of the normal scope of photography.

I tried quite a few things before coming up with this shot. I didn’t want to use my speedlite (flash that sits on the camera’s hot shoe), because that seemed too easy. Well, there were hours of trying to get shots to come out right with extended exposures and flashlights that proved my previous sentence correct.

So, I’m sure you were wondering why I titled this post “Water Bed,” right? Do you remember when those were all the rage? I do. I wanted one some kind of bad. It seemed that all of my friends had one when I was growing up, but my dad was against the idea. No, we don’t sleep on a waterbed now, but it did make it look like the bed was the ocean…which was precisely my goal.

Just like the in the movie, “Finding Nemo,” this fish is all alone. He gets lost and has to befriend people along his journey of trying to reunite with his dad. So many times, in life, I think we feel the same. We are all alone, feeling like there is nobody out there to help us along our journey. But are we asking people for help? Are you befriending people along your journey? Sometimes, it is as simple as that…asking.

That actually happened to me recently, I felt isolated on this post. I felt like all of the other guys were posting great shots and I could not get a single photo to come out like I wanted. That’s when Eje actually reached out to me, as well as Chris. I hopped on a G+ hangout with Eje, and we just talked about some ideas. It was very encouraging. They didn’t have to do that, to reach out. But it sure seemed to make a difference.

Can you make a difference in someone’s life this week? Or will you ask for help along your journey? Try it…you might be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Be sure to check out the other guys’ “lighting” posts. It will be well worth your time, trust me. Also, do them a solid and interact with them with some comments.

All of the participants are as follows: [in no particular order]

Until next time…

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12 thoughts on “Week 3

  1. I like all the negative space in the top two-thirds of the image, and that all the light is in the foreground of the image leaving the background completely dark. What did you end up using for your light source?

    • Doug, if you don’t mind, I plan on posting a follow-up post with some more of those details in the next couple of days. Thanks for the thoughts on the negative space. That is what I was going for, and I’ll post some pics of the other “trys” where I didn’t get it right.

  2. I think you managed to nail the shot and created a great image. I’m always happy to help anytime I have the time and for a friend I will always try to make time.You managed to get good light and isolate the subject very nicely as Doug points out. Very nice for someone that mainly only shoot natural light.. Time to start working more with artificial light and play with it, only way to improve. Cheers.

    • Thanks, Eje! I think this really pushed me. Thanks for helping me through that frustration. I like how the subject ended up being isolated, just as you guys said.

      • My pleasure. Always a good time when you push yourself and you end up getting it. It was how I ended up doing some of the studio work. Saw things I liked and tried to create, had to search around a bit online but found some very good tutorials and information to get me started and allow me to get the base information I needed to push it further.

  3. chris lane says:

    agree with eje, now is as good a time as ever to play with light, experiment and learn. You did good here but its not clear how you ended up lighting it after all

    • Just like I said to Doug, I’ll reveal more details in a follow-up post in a couple of days. Thanks for the compliments! The experimentation has been fun…after I got past the frustration.

  4. Couldn’t agree more with the guys above. Especially about asking friends for help and advice, both Chris and “The Viking” have been there for me in the past and I’m sure will be again in the future. As far as the shot goes I’m loving the texture that the cover gives under this light, it’s actually quite a soothing image to look at. And Chris and Eje are right, now’s the time to start playing with different light, the collective knowledge base of this group of reprobates (Me included) should be more than enough to help you through any issues that might pop up 🙂

    • Pete, thanks for the details about the photo you pointed out. I didn’t think about it that much until you brought it up, but I do like how the “waves” in the bed spread lent to the “waves in the ocean” kind of theme.

      • chris lane says:

        just looked at this large on the computer. I also like the texture of the cover on the mattress. Almost like sand on the bottom of the sea. Nice choice.

        • Thanks! I never really thought about that. I was kind of picturing it as being waves at the surface, for some reason. That makes more sense though, for it to be the waves in the sand at the ocean floor.

  5. […] wanted to post some of the details of how I captured Week 3′s “Lighting” photo. Also, I wanted to show some of my honorable mentions, that didn’t make the […]

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