Week 2: Honorable Mentions

I only picked one photo to post in the Week 2 article of the 52 Week Challenge, but there were a few others I liked, so I decided to share them in a separate post.

These other photos kind of show some of my thought process, as I was trying to capture a photo that sufficiently portrayed the vision in my head. You see, for this particular post, I actually wrote the post before I took the photo. Sometimes it is the other way around, but this time, it was in that order. I had a mental image while I was writing, and then I just had to kind of create that image in reality afterward.

Let me know your thoughts about these others. Should I have chosen one of them for the main photo? And if so, which one was your favorite?

Until next time…

2014.01.18 SOOC52 Week 2 Edit 1 2014.01.18 SOOC52 Week 2 Edit 2 2014.01.18 SOOC52 Week 2 Edit 4 2014.01.18 SOOC52 Week 2 Edit 6

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4 thoughts on “Week 2: Honorable Mentions

  1. chris lane says:

    I’m just mad that your entire existance isn’t covered in 2-6ft of snow like mine. I’ll send you a picture of my backyard tomorrow maybe. And we aren’t even into “snow season” yet.

    • I wore short sleeves all day today. ha ha. Tomorrow, it is supposed to be back cold though. It won’t get out of the 30’s here. That is cold after it being in the 60’s today. I am glad though, because our house has made some great progress with this nice weather.

  2. I like the third shot which is very similar to the one you picked. But I think the picked on was the right one…. Talk about weather. It was into the 60’s here yesterday and this morning it was 9… ugh…

    • I kind of like how “fisheye” the third one was as well, even though it was not a fisheye lens. It is a 16-35mm f2.8L and when it is wide open, it can kind of round those corners. If used properly, it can yield some really different, and neat photos. Thanks for the opinion!

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