Week 1


“Egg’s Perspective”

52 Week Challenge Edit

For week 1, we were tasked with the subject of “utensils” for our 52 Week SOOC Challenge. Part of why this was chosen was due to the cold outdoors at this time of year. Chris is in Minnesota, so he REALLY could not get outside to shoot. Well, he said he normally braves the cold, but when it is -50 like it was yesterday, i’m glad he stayed inside.

I had no idea what I wanted to do for this shoot. I started rummaging through the kitchen, inspecting different utensils. “Nope….nah…..not that one,” were all things said under my breath. Then, I came upon it. I found a utensil that was pretty unique. The whisk. And not just any whisk, a specialty, pottery whisk. I picked this up last year to put in Rebecca’s (that’s my wife) stocking. It was very unique so I thought she would love it, and she sure did.

I started staging a shot, and the first few shots were….well, boring to say the least. I grabbed one of my favorite bottles of wine and a platter that was hand made out of clay about 2 hours from where I live. I put them all together, and it was still boring. It was like I was trying to take a “still life” photo or something. There is nothing inherently wrong with still life, but that’s just not what I had in mind for this photo. I wanted something different, something as unique as the utensil that I had chosen. I started focusing on different parts of the utensil to see if that would help. Now we were cooking (pun intended). Now I was starting to feel the creativity flow. It eventually came down to me shooting all of the way inside of the whisk, to where the edges of the whisk appeared as little lights suspended in mid-air.

This would be an egg’s perspective. Right before you start whipping it up into a delicious omelette, it would see this very thing. It would think the lights are flashing before its eyes, but in fact, it is just the edges of the whisk.

Just for a little ambiance, I left the wine bottle in there. It did take me a few shots to get all of this to look just right, but most of that was with the white balance. It is still a bit more yellowish (warm) than I would like, but the lighting in this apartment is horrid for photos. It should also be noted that most of my photography is done hand-held, so I was holding the camera for this shot as well. I don’t do much tripod work, as it usually involves humans on the move, and there is not time to setup. Even if there were time to setup a tripod, the opportunities for photos would usually end up elsewhere.

I hope you enjoyed it and I would welcome any comments or questions that you have about the “Egg’s Perspective.” Also, check out all of the other guys’ blogs and review their utensil images.

Until next time…

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6 thoughts on “Week 1

  1. Chris says:

    turned out great. it’s hard to tell at first what you are looking at, but that kind of adds to the appeal of the shot. I think the color looks good, i prefer it being yellowish/warm.
    I’d like to see what this fancy whisk looks like pulled away.

  2. I agree with Chris, I really like the point of view here though, and the lines of the “fancy whisk” 😉 do a really good job of leading down to the handle. Good job mate.

  3. Thanks, guys! Chris, I’ll put a quick post of the “fancy whisk” in another photo tonight. I agree with you, that is what appealed to me the most about this shot…it being hard to recognize at first. I am with you on that as well…prefer warm tones to cool ones.

    Pete, thanks for the compliments. I tried to really give the object some depth.

  4. […] fancy whisk. Earlier in the week, I posted my SOOC photo for the 52 Week Challenge. I talked about the fancy whisk that I used, and […]

  5. that is crazy cool looking. Love the bokeh in the foreground from the whisk.

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