52 Week Challenge

I recently agreed to undertake a photo challenge with a few twitter photographer friends. We all started talking and decided that we have not given our photography or our photo blogs enough attention. Not nearly enough.

So, for this particular challenge, we laid out a few ground rules. First, we would do one new image each week for every one of the 52 weeks of the year. Next, the main image will be SOOC, Straight Out Of Camera. This means that the image would not be processed by Photoshop, LIghtroom, Aperture, etc.

I think for some, that last rule was a difficult choice to make. Not because they are not all talented photographers, or even because they are addicted to Photoshop, and some of them quite possibly are. It is just more for the fact that photography has to be much more deliberate when you know that you are not going to do any post-processing.

That’s precisely why we wanted to do the challenge with SOOC images. All of us wanted to stay sharp with our skills and possibly even learn more from this challenge. One other reason we were using SOOC images, which started as a minor one, but ended up being a major reason, is due to the lack of time all of us have. That is part of why we have all neglected our photo blogs…we don’t have time to regularly update them. I know most of these guys’ work, and they are always shooting photos. They never stopped that, but the added time of posting to a blog with some writing about it was what fell by the wayside.

So, the first week’s challenge was issued by Eje Gustaffson. He picked “utensils” as the subject matter and we all went to photographing our interpretation of that.

All of the participants are as follows: [in no particular order]

I hope you enjoy following along with this journey. Please feel free to post any questions or comments that you may have.

Until next time…

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2 thoughts on “52 Week Challenge

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