Decorating the Tree

When it comes to decorating a tree, Rebecca has it down to a science. From the boxes that are perfectly labeled to the tin holding our tinsel that we reuse every year…this girl knows what she wants.

I like that…I’m able to kind of ask how she wants things…and she knows just how she needs them to be. We have a good time, putting all of the ornaments on the tree. We usually just work together to make sure they’re spaced well, and not put too precariously on the branches.

We love traditions. We think they are such an important part of who we are as beings. One of our traditions is to reuse the same tinsel every year. The reason we do this is because my mom and dad always do this. The reason they do it: my dad grew up very poor and could not afford tinsel every year. They would reuse theirs. As a remembrance of those hard times in the past, my parents decided thye wanted to do that each year. It helps them remember not to get to used to the things that they have now. We really like this symbolism and wanted to partake in the special tradition…and we have for 6 years now.

I put together a little video of us putting up the tree and Department 56 villages and decorating everything. Do you have some traditions that you love?


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