Fall Is A-Coming

There have been a few hints that fall is on its way. I said a few, mind you. It’s still been hot enough most days for the feeling to not be too real, but it’s a-coming, as they say.

I personally, really like the fall. I love the summer and the flowers and all of it…well, I don’t like the 100 degree days that we see a lot of during the summer. I do love the cooler days, and downright cool nights that we see. Partly, I must admit, due to the light electricity bill that we have. The other part…it’s just nice for a change. It’s hot around here quite a bit of the year, and it’s just nice to have that change that says, “Another season is coming…get ready.”

Our lives are like this too…we get tired of the same, old thing happening time and time again. We get stuck in a rut, wondering when that change is coming. You just need to look for the signs of it though…it’s there, lurking in the near or distant future. Your change will come…will you have the insight to see it and recognize it when it does?



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