Technology Failure

Technology, while it can be very helpful and cn make our lives so much more productive, can also make us grow accustomed to it’s accourtrements. While perched as high upon a hill as I could get, I tried to bid on something through the eBay app for iPhone. The network connectivity was suffering, obviously or I would not have had to drive to the biggest hill nearby just to get ANY cell signal. I found a spot that looked like it would hold 3G. Boy, was I wrong. Just as an auction I was watching had under a minute left, I placed my bid. I wanted to wait until the last minute to try to catch the other bidders unawares. The bid did not go through, and after I retyped the amount to submit again…it just sat there and spun……Forever! This was the longest few moments in recent memory for sure. by the time it finally loaded, the auction was over and I was not the winner.

I’ve become quite accustomed to using this kind of technology all of the time. Often, I have three devices that, at any given time, could easily access the Internet…and at pretty fast speeds. I just don’t often realize how much I’ve come to depend on such devices & services. Tonight was one of those realizations.


NOTE: This was written about a week ago.



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