A Good Visit

Yesterday, around lunch, Alan’s grandma came down from Grenada to spend some time with him. This is Rebecca’s mom.

I had a big afternoon planned for Rebecca, as it was her 29th birthday. We had reservations at The Parker House, but before that, we were going to see “The Help.”

So, we all ate lunch at home together, and Alan got reacquainted with his grandma. The last time they had seen each other was a few months back.

Alan was being just as sweet as ever. After lunch, he was showing her every toy in the house. He wanted to make sure that she knew everything that he had.

We left for our special afternoon at about 2:00, and Alan was just as happy as can be, playing with grandma in his room. We called at about 6:00 to check on them, after we got out of the movie. We could hear him just talking up a storm in the background and she said that they were having a ball. They had been out in the backyard, playing with the garden hose and swimming pool.

The movie, The Help, was really good. I went into it not really knowing what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. It delved into some deep southern issues, and really challenged the viewers. I think I got a little teary-eyed about 5 times.

Dinner was amazing. We had a very nice, intimate dinner for two at The Parker House restaurant. It was our first time eating there, but it will not be our last.

This morning, we just all hung out together, drinking some coffee and chatting. Alan wanted to go outside, so he and grandma went out there and walked around everywhere. We followed right behind, and ended up watching him try to sweep the driveway. He was working so hard that by the end of it, he was soaking wet with sweat.

By this point, Alan was ready for a nap, so we put him down, and then grandma left. The cutest thing after I got him up, he was standing up in his crib. He was kind of looking around, looking for grandma. I told him that she had to go back to her house and we would see her again soon. He kind of frowned and just stared out the window. He missed her.

Thanks for coming to visit us, grandma! We enjoyed it!



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