A Cry in the Darkness

I was shutting things down around the house when I heard a cry in the darkness. It started as a whimper, but steadily grew to a sleepy displeasure. I went into Alan’s room to see what was the matter. I could not figure it out. He kind of laid there, holding his hands up at me, so I picked him up. After trying to give him a cup of milk, in case he was hungry, I put him back in his bed. It seemed to be what he wanted. Rebecca had come in there by this point (She’s she one that brought the milk to us), so we both walked out together. Not long after, Alan cried out again. I went in three to find that he was sitting up this time, holding his hands up toward me. I picked him up again and we sat down in the rocking chair. He hugged my neck and laid his head on my shoulder. I don’t know if he needed that more or if I did. I have missed both of them the past couple of days, while out of town on business. It just made me melt. All that I could think of at that moment was how blessed I was to be there, in that moment. Bruce A. Ulrich
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