No Regard For Property

Why do people seem to not have any regard for other people’s things now? I mean, I can remember, even 15 years ago, people cared whether they were messing someone’s property up. Whether it is dinging a car when you open your door or mowing a business property and having utter disregard for any of the cars parked there. 

Don’t get me wrong…nothing of mine was actually hurt. Nothing was actually “damaged” to cause this rant…just the principle of the matter. That last thing, the yard boys at our office, was what prompted this semi-rant.

I washed my car this past Saturday and had not really driven it until today. I’m fortunate to be able to take my wife’s car places if necessary. Because of that, my car was still spick and span this morning. I was so glad as I feel like my car drives better when it is clean. (Don’t they all?) Well, I thought a little about it this morning while parking, because I intentionally stayed back from the curb that they would be weed eating today.

Well, I came out this afternoon only to find that there was dust and actual pieces of grass and debris all over my car…even on the roof! First, I don’t even really know how this happens. The next thing that goes through my mind is just what I was talking about earlier…how can they have so little respect for one of their client’s property? It just baffles me that so many people conduct their lives with this disregard. Don’t be one of them. 

(the photo has nothing to do with this post…I just like it)


Bruce A. Ulrich

1,000 Words Photography
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