Everyone needs a totem. A totem, according to the recent movie Inception, is something that only that person knows to be reality, so that they know they are not dreaming. I take this to mean that this totem keeps you grounded…keeps you in reality.

What types of things could be your totem? You have your job…you could definitely say that it keeps you in reality. There’s something like your home or car that let’s you remember how things are in your life. I like to think of a totem as more of an item that brings joy to you, in the form of a creeping smile or a “huh” that escapes your mouth, unknowingly. This totem would serve to deposit you back into reality, but would also remind you of just why you like this reality.

The strong slap of reality, ushered in often by my totem,  is actually a relief. My reality is what I love. My reality gets me through all of those other things….work and drama and issues. My reality…my totem…my anchor…is my wife. She constantly reminds me of why I need a totem…I need to stay grounded to a blessed life such as mine.


3 thoughts on “Totem

  1. Rebecca says:

    I love you, Bruce.
    Thank you for making my heart full daily.

  2. carolyn says:

    So do you have a brother, oh… about 50 ish that thinks like you? Ha. Now, I gotta think about a totem. And is it related to a totem pole?

    • Nah….I don’t have a brother that old, Carolyn. ha
      I do think a totem, in this instance, would be related to a totem pole in that it is something that keeps you grounded. I’m not sure of the original purpose of totem poles, but I don’t think they moved once they were built.

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