Arms Wide Open

What are some symbols of vulnerability? A shy smile…a turned head…a careful cry. Those could all be considered signs of vulnerability. In a way, they can also be signs of trust. Often, we feel the most vulnerable with those we trust most.

For example, I am the most vulnerable around my wife or my son. Likewise, they are definitely the most vulnerable around me.

If you want to see an example of ultimate trust and vulnerability, look to a child. I’ve learned much about this in the past few months with my own son. The way he looks at me…the glances that just say, “Daddy…I trust you.” That’s what has come to mean so much to me.

The ultimate signs of trust and vulnerability are the upwardly stretching arms. One of the hardest things to ignore is when I walk into the room and my son immediately drops what he’s doing and reaches up to grab me. I just go over to him and grab him up.

Can we learn from this? Is there someone that we can have our arms wide open for? I think so.


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