The Little Reach

You hear all of the time that you need someone tall to reach the jar on the high shelf or to change out a light bulb in the ceiling fan. However, even things with a little reach have a high importance.

Sometimes, it is better to be smaller or shorter…to accomplish the little reach. An example of this might be to just reach down to the ground to pick something up. Whereas a tall person has a really long way to reach all the way down to the ground, someone shorter can reach it, pick it up, and be done by the time the taller person even reaches the ground.

Also, something or someone smaller could fit into places better. They could reach in-between a crack in the wall, or a wedged hideaway in a woodpile. Something larger with a larger reach would not be able to accomplish this, now matter how much effort was put forth.

Similarly, the littlest things in life, like the tentacles of some moss, show us just how everything has a certain reach for a certain purpose. It’s particular purpose is to reach up to twice it’s height in order to gather enough sunlight to grow. Whether your purpose is to reach something to help another’s life be easier or to reach something to block harm from befalling another…don’t ever forget about the importance of the little reach.


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