Dreary Night’s Drizzle

It is tough for me, as a photographer, to try to picture something by using senses other than my eyes. The ears, for instance, can yield some highly vivid images of their own.

I am sitting here, on this dreary night (last night), listening to the light drizzle of rain as it pitters on the metal at the top of the chimney. It steadily patters on the sidewalk around the front of the house as it drips in syncopation from the roof. The back porch, proving to house more of a “clapping” sound, gives a totally different dynamic to the aqua orchestra.

Meanwhile inside, nothing more than a dull hum from the fan in the refrigerator springs to life in my ears. All else is quiet. All else is still. It’s good to be still, and notice things that you haven’t previously. It is important to use other senses than the preferred ones…at least every once in a while. It can be just as rewarding, as your mind paints an equally beautiful picture as the one you may snap with a lens and shutter.


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