Maturity of a Week

What a silly concept. Can I really say that something or someone can mature noticeably in a week’s time? Well…in short, yes.

Unless you have kids, you might not have ever experienced this. I would have thought it a silly notion myself until I had a son over 7 months ago. Seriously, each week that goes by, you can see a different maturity level. You can see little things that change so greatly, as this little being is learning….well, everything! You notice small things, like the pitch of a little voice, or the shrillness of a squeal, that are different than they were the previous week. Just this week, Alan started doing this thing where when we cover him with his little crocheted quilt (he lays on his stomach to sleep), he reaches back with his right hand and pulls it all the way underneath his arm until it’s right up by his face.

When you look back, even just a week, you can remember that he didn’t do this or that and he is doing all of those things now…just a mere week later.

A week in the life of an infant is far greater in number than any dog-years scale could invent. It seems that this person advances, in many ways, faster than a 7:1 ratio. I’m not just talking about physical things either. The emotional and cognitive developments are amazing. My son has decided to express himself in different squeals recently. They are quite different, if you take a few moments to sit and decifer them. As long as you can appreciate them for what they are, learning expression, they are a beautiful sound. He chirps at this and that, and even has different chirpy sounds for mommy and daddy. It really is amazing.

I know we have said that we live our lives moment by moment. Well, every moment, these little ones are learning. Each week, they gain years worth of knowledge. If only it was so that we would learn with the same readiness and speed.


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