Angry Birds?

For the most part, you just don’t see angry birds. They are not mopy. They are not sad. They are just part of nature, plodding on through their lives with the purpose they were meant to have. This purpose, or instinct, guides them in their tireless journey of making a nest, hatching fledgelings, and raising those little ones so that they can carry on their instinctive purpose.

Most of the birds that frequent feeders like these are just tit mice. However, you will see an occasional house finch or mocking bird linger nearby to scoop up some of the missed seeds.

Some of our favorite birds to watch have been the blue birds. I was never a huge fan of birds being close to the house, because they can be quite messy. A couple of years ago, when we bought this house, Rebecca’s Papaw built a blue bird house for us to have. He bestowed this little white dwelling on us, and I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I didn’t want to put it up. Who knew that I would be the one that would enjoy watching them the most. I’m always looking out the window, checking to see any of the flying passersby.

They are those little things in life that can bring us so much pleasure. Don’t let such a little thing, even a bird, pass you by without noticing its intricacies and its importance.

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One thought on “Angry Birds?

  1. Stephanie Teague says:

    I will take the time to look at the little things today. You have a beautiful family!!! Steph

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