There are many kinds of reflections, both literal and theoretical. It does us well, as humans, to actually take time out of our lives to appreciate both.This was a slightly golden reflection in a mostly placid lake on a dreary day. The dreary day was nothing very memorable and I would have missed this gem had I not stopped and taken the time to appreciate it.

Ironically, just viewing that reflection caused me to reflect on other things in life. Such things as how insignificant we are in life. We are but blinks in the eyes of time. We are but whispers on the breath of the Earth. If we don’t do anything to stand out, anything to be truly great…we will be as forgotten as mere blinks or whispers.

Reflections help us to constantly strive for greatness. They keep us looking inward for areas of improvement. Make sure you constantly look for reflections to shine in a normally dreary life.

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2 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Clay says:

    Great post, thanks for making me think this morning.


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